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Hello dear users (( when usa attack Syria .. syrian arabic army will destroy Israel and Saudi Arabia and remove them from map do not try us : Syria is not a weak country, but we are facing a universal attack Unfortunately some of the Arab countries are involved too, especially with the section related to the media some of Arabic channels like (Al-Jazirah and Al-Arabia) try to fake events everyday, and say that the Syrian Arab Army did the crimes in Syria In fact, these channels try their best to show that the armed terrorist groups are wronged, and the Syrian Arab army are oppressive which is totally wrong The real fact is, those armed groups do not want a peaceful freedom, and are killing anyone who supports the Syrian Government Stay away from our country, and Enough killing of our people
The youth Syrian hackers were here just to tell you : all in syria we love Bashar Al Assad and fuck the gay Hamad and his Moza of Qatar ---(Ali Hafez Al Assad
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