Confused Between Which Home Inverter Is The Best? Here’s The Answer….

The fact is there is no one size fits all perfect Home Inverter. After all, the type of inverter that is perfect for you largely depends on the type of usage you have in mind. With that in consideration, this is the criteria for the perfect Home Inverter for you.

1. Price: The price difference between inverters for home use can be as much as $500 different from the high end model to the low end. This makes Home Inverters a typical product. With a home inverter you really should work backwards before you make a purchase.

In other words, figure out what you can afford, find a quality inverter within your budget, and figure out what you can power with it. Begin with the basics and build from their.

2. Surge Duration: Being professionally trained in power production in the military I have used many types of industrial inverters over the past 35 years. Living on a farm and being an outdoors man I have purchased many inverters for our trucks, boats, home and farm back up, and this is what I found…

Buying an invert can be confusing. Most of us look at the specs written on the box and misinterpreted what they mean. We always look at the bigger numbers, such as the surge power rather than the continuous load.

When we buy an inverter most can’t handle the start up surge. For example my son brought home a 2000 watt inverter one day, he hooked it to my truck and plugged in my skill saw as a test. The saw had a continuous load of 1600 watts but a start up of 2000 watts. The inverter should have been able to handle this but the start up surge on my inverter was designed for only 2 seconds as are the majority of inverters designed for home use.

It took my saw 5 seconds to get up to speed, it takes a microwave about 3 seconds to settle down. Industrial inverters are designed to carry the start up surge for 10 seconds or longer but are much more expensive. I have found the best home inverters that will carry the start up surge for longer than 5 seconds.

3. Mobility and Ease of Use: Home inverters are not something you generally use once and then put it away. They are designed to be mounted permanently either to your vehicle or to a wall in your home. Smaller inverters we set up on a rack that hooks to a front mounted trailer hitch on our truck. We make up our wires that hook to the battery portable.

Keeping that in mind here is a head to head comparison or our top picks:

Whistler Pro 1600w Home Power Inverter

Whistler Pro 3000w Home Power Inverter

Power Bright PW6000 Home Power Inverter

Here is an example of a Home Inverter you probably do NOT want:

Whistler Pro 2500w Home Power Inverter

We hope you enjoyed out reviews of the best Home Inverters on the market. Remember to bookmark this page as the inverter industry is always changing and we will keep you up to date on the latest news in this industry.